Non Image Reflecting

NIR “Non Image Reflecting” technology has been developed and brought to the market place as a sunglass lens by DillonOptics. The first NIR lenses from Dillon Optics have been produced as Polarized Diffuse Reflecting Lenses also referred to as NIR polarized. The Dillon NIR lenses have been described as satin, matte, matte mirror and as a dull finish lens. The NIR lenses provide eye protection from the Sun by blocking 100% of harmful UV Rays “Ultra Violet Light”. The NIR optics are available from Dillon in an ever growing variety of frame styles.

NIR polarized SunGlasses are a premium protective eyewear that reduces internal reflections within the lens. Because of the reduced internal reflections these sunglasses can be worn more comfortably in reduced light settings such as indoors. No other sunglasses can match Dillon Optics NIR Lens Technology.